Southsea Craft Market, Dec 2020

I still couldn't believe how many people came to see me at my stall and purchased my work in December. I am very grateful as this was my first craft market exhibition and I was so nervous about whether people may come and purchase my work.

Many of my pieces are experimental but with time I added lots of rigour in terms of what I make. I received lots of encouragement and felt almost cathartic when taking with my clients about the ideas behind my work.

I am interested in ideas; to me it is ideas that provide weight and meaning to my pots. For this pot on the right, I painted 'Double Happiness', a Chinese cultural sign onto the pot surface. Since I left China in 2007. over the time the sign became less familiar to me. Painting the sign is a way of acknoledging myself as an overseas Chinese artist.

I felt when I left China, I left many things behind including what I am. By re-instating my memory as a child and my Chinese name, making feels like home coming.

I am excited about 2021 and look forward another year of making to make sense.

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