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Updated: Dec 27, 2020

I grew up in a Chinese village in the 1980s. making is what my mum always did. Like all the other women in the village, she learnt how to turn the humblest materials into something useful.

It was a skill, a necessity.

Decades later, I crossed the ocean, living in another part of the world. Yet somewhere inside me I ached for the village life, circled around skill, craft, and material intelligence.

So here I am - decades later after my village was demolished ( in order for a power station to be built), I become a ceramic maker, turning clay, one of the oldest, humbles materials, into something useful.

Like my mum, I want to create something useful; but with my journey of migration from one culture to another, I also want to use clay as a diasporic agency in collecting with my identity as an overseas Chinese artist.


above: my village home gate before it was demolished in 2017

right: a bud vase with wild flower

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